How have B.C.’s wildfires affected Vancouverites?

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Vancouver B.C. (1 August 2017)

Just over half of Vancouverites (54%) have been affected in some way by British Columbia’s wildfires according to a Justason Market Intelligence poll conducted in late July. The poll, released for public education purposes, finds 46% of City residents have not been affected.

East Side residents are significantly more likely than West Side residents to have been affected by the wildfires (61% vs. 47%).

Air quality concerns prevail among the plurality as the most common impact.

One-quarter (24%) say friends or family have been directly affected, this level far higher among East than West Side residents (31% vs. 18%). One-in-five (20%) have donated to the cause, while 10% have changed their travel plans because of the wildfires.

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Research Notes

These are the findings of an online survey of 400 residents of the City of Vancouver. The survey, released for public education purposes, was conducted by Justason Market Intelligence. The final weighted sample reflects the actual population demographics according to the most recent census (2016). These data rely on an online sample of the firm’s residential / consumer panel, recruited using probability sampling by landline and cell phone.
  • Dates of research: Online, July 20-24, 2017.
  • Sample size: 400 Vancouver residents.
  • Methodology: Justason Market Intelligence online residential panel.
  • Weighting: Final population data were weighted to match actual regional, gender, and age distributions according to the 2016 Canadian Census.
  • Margin of error: An unweighted probability sample of 400 carries a margin of error of +/-5.0 percentage points 95% of the time.
  • Research Sponsor: Justason Market Intelligence Inc.
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