Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing

Telephone interviewing remains a key element of many opinion research assignments. But quality research is only as good as the quality of the data collection. JMI has worked diligently to build a telephone data collection system that delivers high quality live data collection on time and within a truly competitive research budget.


We hire the best interviewers. Our call centre receives 100s of job applications each month. Interviewers are tested on multiple dimensions. We hire only those who meet our high standards.

Our interviewers are based here in British Columbia Canada. Some people say that British Columbia has its own language. While place names like “Tsawwassen”, “Port Coquitlam”, “Tlingit”, or  “Haida Gwaii” are everyday place names here in British Columbia, interviewers from elsewhere in the world have difficulty pronouncing these words, revealing to a respondent that the research firm contacting them is not so local after all. Our interviewers are fluent British Columbians. Yet they reflect the culture of this region of the world. We speak fluent British Columbian English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Hindi and Punjabi, French, Farsi, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (among others). We meet the English language and other language needs of respondents.

Culture of constant improvement. Monitoring, coaching, praise and correction are key in our corporate culture.

We employ the latest in industry-standard computer aided telephone interviewing technology (CATI). Our distributed call centre system makes efficient use of our interviewers’ calling time, delivering regular calls to each member of our team. Our dialler will never cause a potential respondent to experience the dead air often associated with predictive dialling systems.

We keep our clients in the loop. We don’t disappear while your project is in field. Our clients always know the status of their project, either through a daily verbal or email update or be viewing a live report.

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