Douglas Amundaray

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Director of Operations at Vancouver Focus®

Douglas Amundaray is the Director of Operations at Vancouver Focus®, a focus group organization wholly owned by Justason Market Intelligence. Douglas oversees the day-to-day running of the facility, including client bookings, recruiting, quotations and project management. He supervises the qualitative operations of the projects, which includes managing the database of research participants, supervising the recruiting team, evaluating the efficiency and adjusting operational strategies to ensure that project needs are met accordingly.

Douglas has developed his career as a communication and marketing professional for government, multinational and private organizations in Venezuela, Canada and China. Some of his work focused on how culture, government policy frameworks and technology shape media industries and LGTBQ organizations, and their implications for the formation of public spheres. His research interests also lie in the area of global studies and social justice.

Douglas holds a Double Master of Arts in Global Communications (MA) from Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Communication University of China (CUC), a Diploma in International Trade from the Forum of International Trade Training (FITT) and a Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) from Universidad Santa Maria in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. 




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