Is Mike Hurley pulling ahead of Corrigan in Burnaby’s race for mayor?

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Vancouver B.C. (17 October 2018)

Mike Hurley leads Derek Corrigan by eight points in Burnaby’s race for mayor. According to the poll, conducted by Justason Market Intelligence October 15–16, Hurley has support from 51% of decided voters to Corrigan’s 43%. Helen H.S. Chang and Sylvia Gung are supported by 4% and 1% respectively.

A poll published October 5th found that Corrigan and Hurley were in a dead heat, with Corrigan receiving 43% support and Hurley, 42%.

Hurley receives plurality support from all age groups. Notably, this support increases with age. Forty-five percent of 18-to-34 year old decided voters support Hurley to Corrigan’s 43%, a statistical tie. Among 35-to-54 year olds, Hurley’s support increases to 51% (to Corrigan’s 44%). Among the critical 55+ voter group, Hurley’s support widens to 54% (to Corrigan’s 43%).

Among men, Hurley enjoy’s a strong lead over Corrigan (56% to 38%). Among women, Corrigan has a slight lead over Hurley (49% to 46%).

Housing affordability a factor in mayoral support

Housing affordability is by far Burnaby residents’ top election issue, cited by a 40% plurality. The Trans Mountain Pipeline follows at 18%. Related to housing affordability, Metrotown demovictions are a top election issue for 9%, followed by transit and crime (7% each). Five percent cite homelessness as their top election issue.

Hurley, who has promised a moratorium on demovictions and announced a housing affordability plan, has capitalized on residents’ concerns. Voters whose top concern is housing affordability show strong support for Hurley (54% to Corrigan’s 38%). This gap widens among the small group of voters whose top election issue is Metrotown demovictions.

Hurley and Corrigan are statistically tied (51% and 49%) among voters whose top election concern is the Trans Mountain Pipeline, an issue led by Corrigan for years.

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Research Notes

These are the findings of a Justason Market Intelligence (JMI) telephone and online survey of City of Burnaby adults age 18 years and older. The survey, conducted and sponsored by Justason Market Intelligence for public education purposes, was conducted in English October 15-16, 2018 by automated random digit dialling (RDD) of Burnaby mobile phones and landlines and among randomly selected panelists. The Justason Market Intelligence panel is recruited by random digit dialling (RDD) of landlines and mobile phones and secondarily by river sampling. This sample of 469 was weighted and normalized to the actual gender and age distributions of the 2016 census. View unadjusted tables here. As a weighted non-probability sample, this research does not carry a margin of error. A probability sample of 469 would carry a margin of error of +/-4.5 percentage points 95 percent of the time. A probability sample of 269, equivalent to decided voters in this poll, would carry a margin of error of +/-6.3 percentage points.

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