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Kamloops B.C. (28 Apr 2017, 10 a.m.) – The Kamloops Voter Society (KVS) retained Justason Market Intelligence Inc. (JMI) to conduct an election poll for the Kamloops-North Thompson Riding. This survey was conducted between April 21 and 24th 2017, and provides a snapshot of voter preference in the riding at that time.

The KVS believes in the importance of all citizens participating in the electoral process. Democracy is a privilege that needs to be worked at. Elections offer citizens a chance to participate in the democratic process. Vote because every election matters and your vote really does count.

Voting helps choose those leaders who share our views or those who may inspire us. The simple act of marking a ballot tells leaders our views on how their decisions affect our lives. When voters don’t turn out to choose their MLAs, they end up with a government that doesn’t represent them. For all these reasons, eligible voters are encouraged to participate in the next provincial election.

In 2013, only 58% of registered voters in the Kamloops – North Thompson riding turned out to vote. The percentage who voted in the 2009 provincial election was even lower, at 55%. One way of encouraging voters to get out and vote is to provide information on key election issues and where candidates sit with respect to voter preference. Our hope is that this poll and the information within it will encourage residents to get out and vote in greater numbers in the upcoming election.

The findings of the poll are highlighted in the summary prepared by JMI. Several key questions were asked of eligible voters in the riding including:

  •   Key election issues with riding residents identifying:
    • ‘Lack of family physicians or doctors’ (39%); and
    • ‘Jobs and the economy’ (31%).
  •   Overall support for the parties running candidates:
    • Results show the BC Liberals in the lead, followed by the BC NDP, and the BC Greens.
  •   There are some distinct characteristics of the demographic support for the each party:
    • The BC Liberals are predominately favoured by residents 45 years and older;
    • NDP support is strongest among younger voters under 45 years;
    • Female voters are more inclined to support the NDP.

The full responses to the questions are in this summary.

For more information contact:
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Randy Sunderman
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