Which provincial party leader do voters trust to manage the economy?

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Vancouver B.C. (22 Apr 2017) – With less than three weeks to go, BC NDP leader John Horgan and BC Liberal leader Premier Christy Clark are tied as the leader voters most trust to manage the British Columbia economy.

We asked B.C. residents: “Among the BC provincial political party leaders in this election, which one do you TRUST the most to manage the economy?”

Fully 36% of B.C. residents have no opinion about which party leader they would most trust to manage the economy. Among voters with an opinion, Horgan is directionally ahead of Clark (35% versus 33%), while Andrew Weaver trails with 14% trusting the BC Green party leader the most to manage the B.C. economy.

Regionally, Horgan’s trust score is highest in City of Vancouver, Capital Region (Victoria area) and Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands. Horgan is otherwise competitive with Clark in the Balance of Metro Vancouver and Northern BC. Clark leads in the traditional Liberal strongholds of the Southern and Eastern BC region.

Men lean toward Clark, while women lean toward Horgan as the leader most trusted to manage the economy. Horgan is trusted on managing the economy among those under 55 years, while Clark is most trusted among the critical 55-and-older age segment. BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is a distant third with trust in his ability to manage the economy highest among our youngest and middle-aged segments.

On this measure of trust in managing the economy, all leaders trust ratings appear to be closely aligned with how voters trust their parties. However, there remains a sizeable group of voters reserving judgement.

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Research Notes

Justason Market Intelligence and zinc tank have teamed up to offer regular insights on this Provincial Election. These are the findings of a survey of 1,002 adult residents of British Columbia. The survey was conducted by Justason Market Intelligence and zinc tank. The online sample source, Google communities, uses Bayesian, river-sampling methodology to yield a final weighted sample reflecting the population demographics and character. These data rely on a non-probability weighted sample; hence, no margin of error is reported. B.C. has higher-than-average penetration of mobile internet access. Broadband internet access exceeds landline usage. The Google Surveys research tool continues to be rated favourably and has been used extensively by zinc tank’s Brian F. Singh in his work in the 2014 Winnipeg Municipal Election and during the Alberta and Federal Elections in 2015.
  • Dates of research: April 12-15, 2017
  • Sample: 1,002 B.C. residents 18 years and older
  • Methodology: Online via Google Surveys
  • Weighting: Final data were weighted to match actual regional, gender, and age distributions according to the most recent census.
  • Margin of error: This research does not report margin of error. A pure unweighted probability sample of 1002 reports margin of error at ±3.1 percentage points most (95 per cent) of the time.
  • Research Sponsor: zinc tank and Justason Market Intelligence Inc.
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