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Vancouver B.C. (20 Sep 2015) – Well over half (58 per cent) of Metro Vancouver residents would “definitely not” support the Conservative party in the upcoming election.

Among a list of potential reasons not to support the Conservatives, the anti‐terror law (Bill C‐51) is cited most frequently, followed by inattention to climate change (57 per cent). The government’s economic record (37 per cent), violation of election laws (35 per cent), and support for Northern Gateway pipelines and tankers proposal (34 per cent) are other meaningful concerns on the list presented to respondents.

The Conservatives’ strong ties with the oil industry and their poor record addressing the needs of First Nations are cited as reasons to vote against the Conservatives by 30 per cent each.


When asked to share their reasons in their own words, other issues emerge, such as the muzzling of Canadian scientists, the Mike Duffy trial, and the senate scandal among an array of concerns.

Research Notes

These are the findings of a Justason Market Intelligence Inc. online poll of 938 adult residents of Metro Vancouver. Justason’s panel of Metro Vancouver residents was the sample source.
  • Dates of research: September 1-10, 2015.
  • Sample: This research relies on a non‐probability sample of 938 Metro Vancouver residents 18 years and older who are members of the JMI Metro Vancouver residential panel. The sample included 663 decided voters. The final data were weighted to represent actual regional and demographic distributions according to the most recent census.
  • Methodology: Online among JMI panel members.
  • Margin of error: A pure random (or probability) sample of 938 reports a margin of error of ±3.2 percentage points, most (95 per cent) of the time. On 663 decided voters, the margin of error would be ±3.8 percentage points most (95 per cent) of the time. Subgroups such as specific age or gender groups carry wider margins of error.
  • Research Sponsor:  Justason Market Intelligence Inc.
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