BC provincial voter intention: New political landscape

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Vancouver, BC (Mar 17, 2012) – The BC New Democratic Party is well on its way to forming the next government. But with only marginal growth since the last general election, they can’t take too much credit for their current position. The emergence of the BC Conservative Party is the game changer in this provincial race.

Currently, 45% of voters would support the NDP, up only slightly from 42% in the last general election. About one-third of BC Liberal supporters in the last election have moved their vote to the BC Conservatives. BC Liberal support stands at 31%, down 15 percentage points. BC Conservative support stands at 14%.

The question: “If a provincial election were called today, which party would you support?”

Research Notes

These are the findings of a Justason Market Intelligence telephone-online hybrid poll of 611 adult British Columbians. The research relied on a random telephone sample and Justason’s online panel. Data in this non-probability sample were weighted to match the regional distributions and demographic characteristics (age and sex) of British Columbia according to the most recent census.

  • Dates of research: Feb 24 to Mar 7, 2012
  • Sample: 611 BC adults 18 years and older
  • Methodology: Telephone-online hybrid
  • Margin of error: An unweighted probability sample of 611 reports a margin of error of ±4.0 percentage points, 95% of the time
  • Research Sponsor: Justason Market Intelligence

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