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Vancouver, BC (Nov 19, 2011, 8:00pm) – As the polls closed, Justason Market Intelligence uploaded its final election prediction for the Robertson-Anton mayoral race. Our prediction was 60% for Robertson and 40% for Anton. The final outcome was 57% and 43%.

The Vancouver Civic Outlook is a regular series sponsored by Justason Market Intelligence surveying City of Vancouver residents.

Research Notes:

  • Dates of research: November 11-15, 2011
  • Methodology: An online poll of 465 panel members
  • Research Sponsor: Justason Market Intelligence

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Barb Justason, Principal
Justason Market Intelligence
1156 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6Z1V8
Direct: +1 604 783 4165  |  +1 646 875 4949
twitter: barbjustason


Election Summary

Check out this election summary from the City of Vancouver.


Download the Unofficial Results by polling area.

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