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Vancouver Civic Outlook (Oct 20, 2011) – An October survey of Vancouver residents by Justason Market Intelligence finds Vision Vancouver continues to garner 37% support. Twenty-nine percent (29%) support the Non-partisan Association (NPA), statistically unchanged from 32% in July.

rThe Green Party, which now has a candidate for Vancouver’s city council, has emerged with support from 19% of Vancouver residents, seemingly at the expense of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE). Despite renewal over the past year, COPE support has declined significantly (24% to 11%).

The question: There are four parties who will have candidates in the November municipal election: Vision, led by Mayor Gregor Robertson, The NPA lead by mayoral candidate Councilor Suzanne Anton, COPE represented by Councilor Ellen Woodsworth and Green, represented by candidate Adrian Carr. If a municipal election were held tomorrow, which party would you support / lean toward?

The same poll finds that among decided voters, support for the incumbent mayor, Gregor Robertson, is more than double that of mayoral candidate and NPA councillor, Suzanne Anton (68% versus 32%).

The question: Now, thinking specifically about the mayoral candidates, which are you more likely to support / lean toward?

Asked what this means for the election next month, Barb Justason cautions, “Robertson and Vision support is skewed younger and NPA and Anton appeal to traditional voters, 45 and older.”

For this poll to translate into reality in November, Vision must mobilize residents who may never have voted before, according to Justason.

The Vancouver Civic Outlook is a regular series sponsored by Justason Market Intelligence surveying City of Vancouver residents.

Research Notes:

  • Dates of research: October 4-14, 2011
  • Methodology: A telephone-online hybrid combining 302 telephone and 326 online panel surveys
  • Margin of error: ±5.6 percentage points 19 in 20 times
  • Research Sponsor: Justason Market Intelligence.

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